VR Apps

On Her Lap
"Icha Makura" is ffinally in store now! It makes "sleeping on her lap" as your dream come true! Enjoy the experience with character "Unity-chan".
IOS Entertainment
Kris Menace Virtual Edition
Imagine a world where you can not only hear music and watch videos, but where you can actually step inside a music video and lose yourself in a fantastic audio visual universe.
IOS Music
Aquarium Videos VR
With this App you can view HD 3D Stereo Videos and use a VR Glass with two displays use or your Smartphone with a non display VR Glass.
IOS Video
Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story
Players watch the terror unfold around them with immersive 360 degree visuals and audio. This experience is designed for VR and headphones. Both are recommended to get the full experience.
IOS Entertainment
Virtual Surf.
IOS Entertainment
yoonsang 360
Take a musical journey to Legendary Korean acoustic singer Yoonsang’s 360 degrees music video and concert! Experience yoonsang’s brand new songs in his duet album ‘the Duets Part 1’ with immersive video. First 360 degrees VR music video and VR concert video ever that you can enjoy K-pop!
IOS Entertainment
Mad Race VR
Take part in the incredible race! Make dizzying jumps and unbelievable stunts! Feel yourself like a virtual pilot of buggy!
IOS Games
VR Poomsae
VR Poomsae? ??? ??? ??? ?? 1??? 8???? ???? ????(Virtual Reality)? ??? ?? ????. Pan, ??-???, ????? ?????.
IOS Sports
Casa Maracanã VR
Explore todos os ambientes da casa que é referencia em arquitetura contemporânea. Tudo isso em uma experiência de imersão impressionante.
IOS Entertainment
You can experience the dynamic driving of i20WRC in 360° virtual reality using various Cardboards and VR devices as well as VR Cardboard provided by Hyundai Motorsport.
IOS Entertainment
Zombiestan VR Shooter
If the player view drifting, place your device on a flat, non-moving surface for 20 seconds . The drift should be gone!
IOS Games
VR ONE Media
The ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher app is your central hub for launching Virtual Reality (VR) apps on your smartphone. Discover the latest apps made especially for the ZEISS VR ONE virtual reality headset as well as other apps which are compatible with the headset. New submitted VR apps will be added in the VR ONE Media Launcher app dynamically. Apps marked as "Made for ZEISS VR ONE" in the VR ONE Media Launcher can be selected and started immediately, without having to remove the smartphone from the headset. This is enabled by the innovative and intuitive user interface of the ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher.
IOS Entertainment
EON Experience VR
EON Experience VR is a service for viewing interactive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications on your mobile device. The EON Experience VR application delivers an exceptional AR/VR experience anywhere, anytime.
IOS Education
Microgaming VR 2015
Microgaming presents a larger than life slot machine including gaming characters Bronzebeard, Scarlett and the Dark Knight.
IOS Entertainment
London VR
This award nominated experience allows you to immerse yourself in the sights & attractions of London through your iphone. Interact by touch, gyro or use a mobile Virtual Reality headset such as the Altergaze or Google cardboard to explore the FULL 360 sites of London. Navigate totally through your VR headset for a tour like no other. It's just like you are actually there.
IOS Travel
Crazy Swing VR
Find oneself stayed in the centre of a night city! Try your own exiting rides and feel incredible sensations and breathtaking emotions.
IOS Games
Sharks VR
You begin your dive near the coral reef atoll of Nuru-Haua heading towards the main island of the atoll. You soon become aware that the area is shark infested... Will your natural diving skills be enough to keep you alive in your dive amongst the squalus, and make it across the reef? Will there be other dangers you’re not expecting...?
IOS Games
Occupation VR
Apocalyptic action game. Virtual reality 1st/3rd person shooter with some elements of GTA and DayZ. Cryotech corporation started to unfreeze cryogenic people, but something went wrong... Save your girl and try to survive yourself here!
IOS Games
Zombie Shooter VR
Get out from never-ending labyrinths of post-apocalyptic subway, struggle with hordes of blood-thirsty zombies and mutants.
IOS Games
Roller Coaster VR
Ride a deserted roller-coaster amidst a tropical island. See the fabulous dream of Virtual World.
IOS Games
Piloto 360
Seas del operador que seas, Piloto 360 te abre las puertas de uno de los equipos más emblemáticos de MotoGP. Entra en el box, saluda a tus técnicos, contempla la Yamaha YZR M1, y atrévete a pilotarla a toda velocidad.
IOS Games
Coaster Extreme! Endless 3D Stereograph
Take a thrill ride on an endless, extreme virtual reality, roller coaster! Rendered in full color 3D, Coaster Extreme offers diverse, dramatic landscapes, wild track colors, and user controls. Viewable as a VR stereographic image (glasses not needed), the high resolution visuals are stunning, and options including Afterburners and left/right panning boost the experience. Buckle Up!
IOS Entertainment
Infini-Track 3D Stereograph
Take a thrill ride on an infinite, extreme track in full color 3D. Infini-Track offers diverse, dramatic landscapes, wild track colors, new racetrack texture, dozen of setting, and turbo charge. Viewable as a stereographic image (glasses not needed), the high resolution visuals are stunning, and options including twist, speed and left/right panning all boost the experience. Buckle Up!
IOS Entertainment
Coaster! 3D Stereograph
Simply one of the most realistic roller coasters for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with a full color 3D stereo view. Hand designed tracks, supports, ground effects, sky domes, actual recorded sounds, velocity controls, physics modelling, an immersive 3D stereographic view, and multiple viewports, combine to create an surprisingly authentic coaster.
IOS Entertainment
Verisimilitude I
Verisimilitude I is a virtual reality art installation presenting paintings by visual artist Pilar Cortés along with sound and music by Marcus Dyer.
IOS Entertainment
VROOM Coaster
iOS's first 3D VR stereographic track simulation, with no glasses required, for the iPhone, and iPad. Ride the track in full color stereo, full screen, or in a unique viewport mode. With a dozen tracks to choose from, optional scenery mode, a dozen track colors, optional headlights, optional track reflectors, supports, and track style, you can customize the simulation exactly as you wish. Interactive controls, press the right corner for the accelerator, swipe the right side to alter the velocity, swipe the bottom to look left and right, or just sit back and watch, the choice is yours. Realistic physics keep the experience authentic, you speed up and slow down when going down and up slopes.
IOS Entertainment
Panereo VR
PanereoVR is a Stereoscopic and Panoramic Video Player on iOS, similar like VRPlayer on PC. (A).It can play a built-in video. When playing the video, APP can generate two views on screen (stereoscopic) , user can view it in any direction 360 degrees, up and down.
IOS Entertainment
Homido 360 VR player
This app allows you to watch 360° spherical videos as if you were seated in an Imax theater! It also includes the first ever HMD internet browser: browse any content you like and watch it directly in the headset. A selection of 3D videos, 360° videos and GoPro videos is already loaded in the app. You will be able to watch them on a huge virtual screen anywhere and in total privacy. Just plug and play!
IOS Video
Sky Siege 3D
Experience a full on Aerial Assault in Stereoscopic 3D as virtual helicopters come at you from all angles. Choose a spectacular 360 degree Virtual Environment or your own office! Fly a virtual RC helicopter around the room in Augmented Reality!
IOS Games
Do you have the fastest reflexes in the world? Compete to put your name on the top spot in front of all users!
IOS Games
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