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Insurgent VR
Prepare yourself for a fully-immersive, 3D/360° narrative experience set in the world of The Divergent Series: Insurgent, AND watch an EXCLUSIVE 3D clip from the film! In the ‘Shatter Reality’ VR experience, you take on the role of a 'Divergent', captured by Jeanine Matthews and her Erudite faction, subjected to a series of mental 'simulations' to determine the full extent of your divergence.
IOS Entertainment
Orinthalian - Beenoculus
xplore the Orinthalian Palace in Virtual Reality brought to you by Beenoculus. *The Palace of Orinthalian Scene was originally made by GearTech Games*
IOS Games
Kaufman et Broad - Argenteuil VR
APPLICATION DESTINÉE AUX CASQUES DE RÉALITÉ VIRTUELLE : GOOGLE CARDBOARD, HOMIDO, ARCHOS… Visitez le programme immobilier L'allée des impressionnistes à Argenteuil. Cette présentation, non contractuelle, vous permettra d'appréhender au mieux les volumes et l'agencement de votre futur bien !
IOS Utilities
Flight Simulator - Beenoculus
Experiment flying a plane like in real life in this Stereoscopic 3D flight simulator. Powered by Beenoculus!
IOS Games
Virtual Reality Neuschwanstein Castle
The new Goggle VR glasses give you the impression to really be in the castle. You now can explore the world-famous castle of Neuschwanstein, the original to the Magic Kingdom Disney castle, withouth leaving your home, even without leaving your couch!
IOS Travel
mmerse yourself in a 360 degree tour of the UAE from anywhere in the world, without actually being there. The UAE VR app has been developed in line with the UAE Smart Government, a smart step to provide corporates as well as citizens with various direct public and core services online.
IOS Travel
Vrse - Virtual Reality
Experience the best cinematic virtual reality content. Fully immerse yourself in 3D and full screen 360 curated video content, with dynamically changing directional binaural sound. Viewable with or without Google Cardboard.
IOS Entertainment
Welcome to the first version of the VR/Exposition. This exposition has been created for the Zeiss VR One and Google Cardboard headsets. We are investigating new ways to connect the real art world to the virtual world. This virtual reality exposition has been created in cooperation with two artist:
IOS Entertainment
VR presents and candy collector – X-mas edition
This game allows players to collect X-mas presents and candy canes in a digital 3D replica of a real-world building. It’s a great way to experience virtual reality. Walk in 3D trough the building with your Cardboard at Christmas time and see what Virtual Reality is really like!
IOS Games
Subway Surfing VR
A hurricane has hit New York City and flooded the subway system! Lucky for you, you brought your surfboard. Jump in front of the wave and ride through the subway tunnels without falling! The game uses your device's accelerometer to track your balance.
IOS Games
Roller Coaster Simulator
Roller Coaster Simulator is a simulation app that lets you build and ride roller coasters in virtual reality. There are currently two roller coasters to ride and you can build roller coasters with your gyroscope. The Roller Coaster Simulator provides and easy way to change between normal view and stereographic 3d allowing for both narrow vr anytime or broad vr with a virtual reality head mounted display.
IOS Games
Lamper VR
In this runner game, you will fight your way to safety through a series of treacherous tunnels through the eyes of a firefly bug called Lamper. The Lampers' kingdom was attacked, and they are now fleeing for their lives. Explore the world of Lampers, through a seamless virtual reality experience.
IOS Games
In Their Chucks - A 360° Experience
Step into the Chucks of zombie Joanna DeLane, musician King Tuff, urban explorer Thomas Midlane and artist Ron English. Experience every scuff, stain and rip in their Chucks through four virtual reality films. Get immersed in the different 360° environments, complete with 360° sound, where you’re in control of where you look. Experience the horrors of the zombie world. Explore the city’s underground tunnels. Feel the vertigo while painting a mural. Take part in a psychedelic dream.
IOS Entertainment
Solar Realms Rising VR
Put on your VR headset and trek through deep space in a virtual reality sci-fi adventure to get back home. Warp through hyper space, blast asteroids, and repair a jump gate in this hands-free VR experience. Your trusty AI hologram side kick will guide you along your journey.
IOS Games
Renault VR
Adéntrate en el mundo Renault a través de un visor de realidad virtual desde tu propio móvil. Tú eres el protagonista y debes conducir tu propia experiencia con tus movimientos. Te sentirás inmerso en tres espacios virtuales a través de los cuales podrás conocer más sobre la tecnología Renault y también probar tu destreza en una prueba de habilidad para conductores. ¡Suma puntos y conviértete en el mejor!
IOS Games
Space Slider VR
Welcome to Space Slider VR. A Virtual Reality game which uses your phone's latest hardware to immerse you in a 3D universe packed with edge of your seat fun!
IOS Games
VR Fitness
The VR Fitness app enables you to experience exercise in a virtual world. You can sit on your home ergometer or in a gym, wear a VR set (Zeiss VR one, Dive VR or just a simple VR Cardboard) and cycle virtually on a tropical island. You can relax by listening to the sounds of the ocean and birds and enjoying the natural scenery, instead of watching white walls at the gym.
IOS Sports
Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR)
Have you ever wanted to meet Dinosaurs in real life? Experience the ultimate dino ride with Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR)
IOS Games
VR Experience Free
Look down during a few seconds or use the iOS fully supported magnet toggle on the side of the headset to start/stop moving into current scene or to load next level (4 configurable VR moving modes are possible with or without magnet toggle, speed, player's height or eyes distance is also configurable).
IOS Entertainment
Go Karts - VR
Do you love speed racing? Test your faith in this fast-paced, nerve-racking race that’s not for the faint hearted. Channel your inner racer and zoom away to gain the glory of the best racer on the track.
IOS Games
What if the dinosaur came back to life in the present time..? That's the concept of this VR contents. Enjoy feeling walk in town and the thrill of encountering the ancient dinosaurs in the town.
IOS Entertainment
On Her Lap
"Icha Makura" is ffinally in store now! It makes "sleeping on her lap" as your dream come true! Enjoy the experience with character "Unity-chan".
IOS Entertainment
Kris Menace Virtual Edition
Imagine a world where you can not only hear music and watch videos, but where you can actually step inside a music video and lose yourself in a fantastic audio visual universe.
IOS Music
Aquarium Videos VR
With this App you can view HD 3D Stereo Videos and use a VR Glass with two displays use or your Smartphone with a non display VR Glass.
IOS Video
Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story
Players watch the terror unfold around them with immersive 360 degree visuals and audio. This experience is designed for VR and headphones. Both are recommended to get the full experience.
IOS Entertainment
Virtual Surf.
IOS Entertainment
yoonsang 360
Take a musical journey to Legendary Korean acoustic singer Yoonsang’s 360 degrees music video and concert! Experience yoonsang’s brand new songs in his duet album ‘the Duets Part 1’ with immersive video. First 360 degrees VR music video and VR concert video ever that you can enjoy K-pop!
IOS Entertainment
Mad Race VR
Take part in the incredible race! Make dizzying jumps and unbelievable stunts! Feel yourself like a virtual pilot of buggy!
IOS Games
VR Poomsae
VR Poomsae? ??? ??? ??? ?? 1??? 8???? ???? ????(Virtual Reality)? ??? ?? ????. Pan, ??-???, ????? ?????.
IOS Sports
Casa Maracanã VR
Explore todos os ambientes da casa que é referencia em arquitetura contemporânea. Tudo isso em uma experiência de imersão impressionante.
IOS Entertainment
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