Ritech3d-V3 Riem3 VR Goggles - White

Manufacturer: AmazingVR

This is not Google Cardboard, it's much better than Google Cardboard.


  • Left - Right adjustable lenses to fit your pupils.
  • Adjustable headstrip to suit your head.
  • You can wear glasses to use it.
  • Secret videos, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself.
  • Universal design to fit the most of phones 3.5 - .6 inch, perfectly fit your smartphone
  • Perfect for Iphone 4/5/6/6 plus.
  • Protect your phone against impacts and scratches.
  • Support Android and IOS
  • Compatible with all side-by-side 3D apps/games/movies.
  • Built-in Google Cardboard V2 indirect touch button, working with Google Cardboard App perfectly.

Products specifications
Body Material ABS
Dimensions 135mm(W) x 170mm(L) x 100mm(H)
Headstrap Yes and adjustable
Support Smartphone Size 3.5“ - 6", max size support: L:152mm, W: 86mm
Lens Type Aspherical Optical Lenses
Focal/Sharpness Adjustment No
Interpupillary Distance Coverage 53mm - 72mm
Color Black-Silver / White
Lens Diameter 42mm
Camero Out / AR Support Yes
Headphone / Charging cable support Yes
Can wear glasses when using Yes
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